The Secrets To Maintaining
Perfect Water Chemistry...

"The Chemistry Wizard" Is Like Having A Mad Scientist At Your Fingertips 24/7 – Telling You What Chemicals To Add To Your Water, When To Do It And How Much To Add…"

Your Friends And Neighbors Will Be Rendered Speechless After Seeing Your Swimming Pool Sparkle Like A Basking Diamond In The Desert Sun…

From: Terry Duff

Re: Getting and keeping perfect water chemistry.

So you have the perfect oasis in your backyard. A sanctuary for peace, exercise and fun, but you can never seem to keep your chemicals balanced – you’re not sure what to put in, when to put it in and the appropriate quantity.

Or maybe, just when you think you’ve got things "figured out" you can’t seem to get your pH in sync, your TA is climbing of the charts and your free chlorine can’t be detected…

The single biggest battle that swimming pool owners from all parts of the world experience is keeping their chems in check without spending piles of cash…

Constantly adding this, adding some of that – only to retest a day later to find out they’re worse now than when they started making adjustments.

Sound painfully familiar?

Keep reading.

"Give Me Just 8 Minutes Of Your Time…

I’ll Show You How To Get Your Water Chemistry In
PERFECT Harmony And Keep It That Way…"

If it means anything, you’re not alone. I’m constantly flooded with emails and phone calls with irate, frustrated and helpless pool owners experiencing these same issues.

I know how frustrating this can be…

My name is Terry Duff. As a subscriber, you’re probably well familiar with who I am and my credentials, if not, I’ll take a quick moment right now to give you my "condensed" resume and why I'm considered to be a leading authority in the swimming pool industry…

I’ve maintained and been personally responsible for the water quality and maintenance of over 400 swimming pools.
I’ve been responsible for the water quality and pool equipment for some of the largest commercial properties in the southwest.
I’ve conducted countless new pool owner orientations for the largest swimming pool builders in the world.
My passion is showing others how to maintain a pool that sparkles like a 3 carat diamond in the sun by spending less than $11.00 per month on chemicals.
I’ve been paid over $32,000.00 to maintain a single swimming pool.
My information and expertise has helped more than 60,000 others from more than 27 countries around the globe.

I don’t share this data to be arrogant – I want you to know you’re working with someone who has been on the front line and not only talks the talk, but who also walks the walk…

Today, right now, we’re going to put an end not knowing "chemical donations" and spending money that's not necessary. You'll soon know what to add, when to add it and how to save a ton of cash on your swimming pool chemicals.

The Truth Is That You've
Been WASTING Money!

It's also true that it's not your fault. Never has been.

Think about the following scenarios...maybe you can relate to them.

How many times have you visited a pool retailer and left after you spent $100 or more on chemicals only to discover later on that you only need a small portion of what you purchased? What most retailers won't tell you is that they HAVE NEVER spent ANY time in the field. They're extensive "training program" might consist of a text book and 2-3 hours of lecture.

And they're supposed to tell you how to fix and correct problems that relate to your swimming pool?

I'm not trying to "rant" here, but honestly, take a moment to think about this process. This is one of the most expensive investments you'll ever make. You need proven, sound and time tested advice from someone who's spent countless hours in the field, serviced thousands of issues and not only talks the talk, but someone who also walks the walk.

Or...have you ever been told to do something by one store and have another retailer or "expert" tell you to do something completely different?

Let's put an end to the myths, misinformation and flat out untruthful information that's floating around out there.

The reality is swimming pools do require basic chemistry knowledge and education. Without the proper "know-how" people find themselves in a constant "yo-yo" cycle...correcting one thing only to find out that they’ve created new problems…new headaches and throwing more dollars "down the drain". Spending more money, unnecessarily only to "fix" things that could have been avoided in the first place.

How much money would you have saved in recent months or over the years had what you did the first time worked? Probably hundreds or even thousands of dollars...

I frequently speak with pool owners who are overspending on chemicals by countless dollars every single month – all because of this very real (and big) problem. This is exactly why I'm writing you today.

"The Yo-Yo Syndrome"

If you’ve owned your pool for any length of time, you’ve probably come to the conclusion that "balance" is key – keeping the chemical levels in their recommended range is typically no big deal…but as soon as something gets out of whack, you’re now creating new and uglier problems.

You adjust your total alkalinity only to retest the next day to find out that now your pH is out of whack…


It’s like pushing an elephant up a hill…

I've never tried doing that, but it seems like an impossible task. A constant struggle, constant frustration and countless dollars down the tube – every single year...all becaused we've been ill advised and misinformed..

You see, for every action that takes place in your water – there is always going to be some sort of "counter" reaction that takes place. Hence the "yo-yo" syndrome and why a basic understanding of chemicals and balance is paramount to obtaining and keeping a sparkling swimming pool.

That’s really what takes place – most people treat their chlorine, pH, alkalinity, TDS (etc) only to find that there was an adverse reaction in some "other" area of their swimming pool chemistry…

Going forward, you’ll never have to worry about these misfortunes taking place with your pool.

Think about this for a second…

What if – just "what if" there was a proven "recipe" that if you followed it, these things would never take place?

According to recent statistics, the average pool owner spends just over $24.00 a month on chemicals – much of which is unnecessary and directly related to this problem we’re hitting head on today. Maybe you're spending more or less, but that's an average dollar amount - what if one could cut that number in half or even more!

The "Yo-Yo" Syndrome Is

Literally. That’s exactly what’s taking place. Every single month you’re throwing money down the toilet – never to be recouped. And all of this is through no fault of your own.

When you had your pool built or purchased a home with one already there, more than likely, the prior owner (or pool builder) handed you some warranty paperwork, an operating guide or two and sent you on your merry way.

What if there were legitimate, effective and super quick ways to keep your pool crystal clear without worrying about pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness issues, free chlorine, combined chlorine, etc being out of "whack" every time you tried to "balance" something.

No more guessing. No more questioning what you're doing. Now, you can be 100% accurate with your chemicals, 100% of the time.

The good news is that there is a way. Problem solved.

Introducing... ---

"The Chemistry Wizard"

This guide takes all the frustration out of the equation so you can finally obtain and keep balanced water and save yourself hundreds of dollars every single year.

Here’s A Small Sampling Of What’s Included…

How to lower total alkalinity without impacting your pH levels.
Experiencing "stubborn" or nonreactive water? I’ll show you my covert "play book" to remedy this practically instantly.
Feel like you’re adding chemicals too frequently? You probably are – I’ll show you what to test for, why this is taking place and how to cure this problem once and for all.
My step-by-step "plan of attack" that will show you exactly what to test for when something is out of whack and how to quickly remedy the "snow ball effect" before things get out of control.
My top 7 secrets to maintaining perfect water chemistry – and how you can keep things in "harmony" for years to come.
My personal "checksheet" to have crystal clear, diamond like sparkling water, 7 days a week with VERY LITTLE EFFORT ON YOUR PART (your friends and family will be drooling and practically begging to pick your brain on how you’ve created this breathtaking oasis)
Understanding the biggest single myth in the pool industry (hint: it has to do with free chlorine – this nugget alone can save you a couple hundred dollars!)
My "Water Diagnostic Master Log" – when something’s out of whack, I want you to refer to this to get it dialed back in again. Consider this your "Ultimate Desktop Reference Manual" that will show you what you need to remedy the out of balance chemicals.
Why using household chemicals can not only be dangerous, but also end up costing you MORE in the long run (don't fall victim to these myths!).
The 3 things to do right away to turn cloudy water to sparkling, crystal clearwater in a jiffy!
What causes pool staining and most importantly...what to do right now to rid your pool surface of those eye sores!
The necessary action steps if you're not detecting any chlorine readings - this quick and painless process will have your water holding chlorine almost instantly.
Why high phosphate counts can be detrimental to your pool and a "no sweat" process to fix the issue!
Understanding TDS and calcium hardness issues...I'll show you what to do, how to do it and how to remedy the situation immediately.
How to properly shock your pool...not only how to best gauge the quantity necessary, but also my recommended brand of choice as well as when to "shock" the water (hint; doing so excessively can be financially draining, but can also actually cause HARM to the water...costing you even more money!).
Why cyaneric acid is so important to your water - understanding this single concept alone can save you hundreds of dollars.
Understanding the different types of algae, what causes it and most "cheat sheet" to quickly eliminate it!
Getting white "foam" on occassion on the surface of the water? Use my proven system to eradicate the issue immediately.
Stubborn pH levels that you can't seem to get into balance? Use my "pH Roadmap" to isolate the problem once and for all!
What to do when your water becomes agressive or nonreactive to the chemicals you're adding - use my private notes to conquer this problem.
My proven, and superbly accurate 5-step system to quickly balancing water and keep it sparkling like a diamond basking in the desert sun.
My "step by step" trouble shooting guide - have something out of "whack"? Look no further, this section will tell you exactly what to do and how to remedy the situation.
Energy savings tips that can put extra money in your pocket every single month!
I'll be "debunking" several common (and costly) swimming pool myths.
The 3 most important variables that you need to know to obtain (and keep) sparkling, clear water. You'll neighbors will be doing a "double take" every time they see your oasis!
How to properly clear up a green pool in just a few easy steps!
When to drain a pool and what types of pools should NOT be drained.
My super easy "playbook" on what chemicals to test weekly and which ones should be tested at least twice per year - understanding this can save you BIG BUCKS!
Understanding numerous alternatives to traditional chlorine...what really works and products to stay away from.
Experiencing an "alkalinity rollercoaster?" I'll share with you my proven "playbook" to properly remedy this and stop the drastic fluctuations!
Understanding what combined chlorine is and how to fix the problem.
Understanding calcium sequestering products and how they work.
Got a pool party coming up soon and you need to get your pool in "tip top" shape quickly? Not to worry...I'll share with you the quickest and most effective methods to have your pool looking like it belongs to a Hollywood superstar in no time flat!
Have a high metal count? Use my "playbook" to solve the problem once and for all...and save yourself a ton of cash in the process!
And so much more...
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Hands Down...Bar None The Most Effective Information You'll Find Online To Handle Your Swimming Pool Chemical Needs!
The Chemistry Wizard Is Here To Serve You...At Your Service 24 Hours A Day...7 Days A Week Solving All Of Your Chemical Problems!

"The Chemistry Wizard" is the ONLY information on the market today that will show you exactly how to manage your swimming pool chemical efficiently, effectively and with perfection – saving you hundreds of dollars, every single year (not to mention the savings you'll experience with your equipment and swimming pool lasting longer).

This information will literally pay for itself in weeks or months (worst case scenario). I've put my blood, sweat and tears into "The Chemistry Wizard" all with one purpose in help make your life a lot easier.

As you're probably starting to see, I really held nothing back here. The reality is that after using this mega money saving information, you'll have friends, neighbors and colleagues begging and pleading with you to solve their swimming pool problems. You'll be a swimming pool expert and others will recognize it every time you show off your crystal clear pool. You'll quickly become their "on call" swimming pool consultant.

Don't feel bad'll be proud and confident of your accomplishments and the fact that they're asking YOU for advice!

Things You'll Never Worry About Again :

1. Having to call a service technician to deal with your chemistry problems.

2. Losing sleep at night not knowing how to remedy a situation.

3. "Experiment" with a little bit of "this" and a little bit of "that" only to "hope" it will do the trick for you.

4. Throwing hundreds of dollars down the tube every year because the core issue wasn't treated correctly the first time.

The Chemical Wizard is the ultimate problem solver - it's like having a mad scientist in your back pocket...24 hours a day, 7 days a week. On call whenever you need a hand!

Going forward, you can be completely confident you have the right information, the most up to date and accurate resource available to solve any problems you may have or may experience in the future that relate to the quality of your swimming pool water.

"The Chemical Wizard" is the ultimate "tell all" that will show you exactly what to do, how to do it and how to get the job right...the first time, every time! Saving you A TON OF CASH...

In no time flat...this will be you counting all of the money you've saved!

This is EXACTLY What The Chemistry Wizard Is All About...Saving You Piles Of Cash!

Think about the savings – let’s do some math…

The average person spends more than $24.00 per month just on chemicals alone. Much of this is simply not necessary. A lot of this spending is a direct result of this "yo-yo syndrome" – let’s assume a worst case scenario and assume you only save half of that amount using this proven and tested information.

So, you’re only saving $12.00 per month. Doesn’t seem like a big deal now does it?

Well, carry that out over a year and now you’ve "donated" a staggering $144.00. What would you do with an extra $144.00 per year?

These are also using extremely conservative numbers. You could very easily and realistically save yourself in excess of $200.00 per year – just by using the information I’m sharing with you right now.

And, I haven't even discussed the math when the life of your pump and filter is extended by a year or two. Or what about all the chemicals people spend when they get that gunky calcium buildup on their pool water line?

Never again will you have to worry about "donating" your hard earned money down the toilet.

It really is a "no-brainer".

The fact of the matter is that your neighbors, friends and family will be doing a double take every time they see your pool. They'll be asking you one simple question, "Who takes care of your pool? This looks absolutely breathtaking and stunning!"

You can proudly step and and proclaim, "Yours truly!" Stand tall and proud because YOU were the one who caused the pool to look as good as it does. You'll be amazed at your accomplishments and may even have a sense of "guilt" because it was drop dead simple making it look that good!

Oh, and just to sweeten the pot a bit, I’m throwing in 5 additional MONEY SAVING BONUSES that you’re going to thank me for…

They’re on me – absolutely no charge to you whatsoever…

FREE Bonuses For Acting Quickly! Value

Bonus #1: I personally want to walk you through this material. One on one, over the phone I’m here for you. I’ll personally spend up to 30 minutes answering any questions you have and support you any way I can to make sure your pool is sparking in no time flat. You have my word.


Bonus #2: My weekly chemical tracking log sheet – literally worth it’s weight in gold. Use this little "gem" to track your chemical readings and any adjustments you made. A real life saver – this comes in handy. You’ll dig this.

Bonus #3: I want to put this in your hands as quickly as possible. I’ve made arrangements with my tech department to ensure you have immediate access to this money saving material. You’ll be able to download this information and use it right away! Start saving money TODAY!
Bonus #4: My "Chemical Reference Guide". I’ll define every chemical on the market that could be introduced to a swimming pool and what it does so you’ll never be in "limbo" wondering what the purpose of something is!

Bonus #5: My 3 secret locations to get swimming pool chemicals at or below wholesale prices! Yes, now you can get your chemicals WITHOUT paying hugely inflated retail pricing – I’ll share 3 exclusive websites that you can use immediately to save piles of cash. Did you know that retail prices on chemicals can be as much as 2,000% higher than wholesale? 2,000 percent…INSANITY!

Combined, These Bonuses Are
Conservatively Worth A Very Real

Consider these my way of saying "Thank you" for putting your trust in me. Just a little gift on my part for being such a loyal subscriber…

And, I don’t want you having ANY risk with your purchase today…

You can grab your copy right now for a very reasonable one time investment of just $47.00! Your order is 100% safe and secure. Place your order with confidence.

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12 Month "Can't Lose" Guarantee

It’s backed by my iron-clad 100% Money Back Guarantee for a FULL YEAR! Take "The Chemistry Wizard" for a "test drive" for 365 days! If you don’t like the information or if it hasn’t saved a well barrow full of cash – I’ll refund you every nickel.

...I'll buy the manual back from you and...

I want you to keep "The Chemistry Wizard" and all the bonuses. Just shoot me a quick email for a no hassle, full refund. No questions asked.

I’m assuming all of the risk. You have absolutely nothing to lose! Don’t like the information…feel as though it didn’t work as you were hoping…

No hard feelings. A prompt and courteous refund will be swiftly delivered. Period.

That’s just good business – and I’m backing this for one full year.

All of this for a very reasonable, one-time investment of just $47.00.

Your order is 100% safe and secure - you can make your purchase at any time...even if it's 2:00 AM!

Sound to good to be true? Pinch yourself.

Read What Others Are Saying...

The chemical reference guide you put together is my favorite, that is the basic information we all need to help understand The Chemistry Wizard. Thanks I just love it.

...This is a also great book and well done. This is good information that swimming pool owners NEED to know.

Gail S.
Miami, FL


I Love You!


I have fired my pool guy !!!!!!... Thank you for the valuable tips. I do all the maintenance myself alone and I enjoy it doing all the work.. NOT HARD at all. In fact is relaxing and fun....I can not believe I used to pay this much $$$$$$$...$$$$ I am very impressed with your tips and my bank account loves you too..

Claudia- Atlanta, GA




My husband and I just bought a foreclosed home with a beautiful pool, which is in need of some work. We have never had a pool before and found all your tips right on the money. It will help us get going on the right foot with the maintenance. The download was easy, even for me! Thanks.

Lisa M.



...I have 2 huge pools and a spa to keep up. I didn't know anything about spas. Could not have done it without you. You were my lifesaver. I now, have 2 beautiful pools and a spa that look great Thanks to the 2 books i have purchased from you Terry Duff.

I'm happy, the management, the owners are happy. Thank you so very much. Could not have done it without you.

Thanks again,

Wanda L.



To whom it may concern,

I have to admit I was very skeptical. I thought it was a bunch of hype and overpromises to be honest. After some "tugging" from my wife I very reluctantly pulled the trigger on The Chemistry Wizard.

And...I have to say, I'm VERY glad she talked me into it. I've read it from top to bottom twice and LOVE the information in Chapters 3 & 4 especially. I'm on track to save more than $20...this month alone just in chemicals!

Thank you for making this information available...

Big Fan
Hal S. Sacramento, CA

Here’s just a quick recap of everything you’re receiving:

All of my juicy money saving tips – how to keep your water in "harmony" for once and for all. And keep it that way too! "The Chemical Wizard" is like having a water treatment expert, year round in your hip pocket!
An Iron clad, no questions asked FULL ONE YEAR GUARANTEE – you have a full one year to review my information. If it doesn’t work exactly how you thought it would or if you’re unhappy for any reason, let me know for a quick and courteous refund.
All 5 bonuses (immediate download, my chemical tracking log sheet, 30 minute consultation with me personally, and 3 online locations to purchase your chemicals at or even below wholesale prices!

I'm only releasing 500 of these at this price. Once this promotion has been completed, there's a very realistic chance the price will increase substantially. You'll want to grab you copy now so you're not paying more later. Grab it now while it's on your mind. Waiting will cost you.

All for a very reasonable one time investment of just $47.00 (if you act quickly)!

Your order is 100% safe and secure - you can make your purchase at any time...even if it's 2:00 AM!

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Terry Duff
Fire Your Pool Guy, Founder

P.S. You will not find this information available elsewhere. Now is the time to put your hands around this money saving "machine" – I won’t keep it at this price forever. Once these 500 spots are accounted for it's going up drastically. Grab it now for a very reasonable one time investment of just $47.00.

P.P.S. Remember, the risk is entirely on me. This product is backed by a full one year, no questions asked, satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy at any time within the next 365 days just let me know for a quick, no hassle full refund. I'll buy it back from you for exactly what you paid for this product.

P.P.S.S. You might be thinking, "How can I trust can I feel confident about spending my hard earned money with you?" The honest reality is that I can't possibly earn your trust on a website. You could pass me tomorrow on the street and you wouldn't know who I was. I'm a normal, everday person, but still can't prove that here. Here's a few reasons that should allow you to feel comfortable knowing you're dealing with a reputable person:

1. My list of subscribers is in excess of 60,000 pool owners from more than 27 countries.

2. My products have been purchased tens of thousands of times.

3. I recognize the value of a dollar and how hard you work for what you have. I also recognize you have options when it comes to how you spend those dollars. I'm not here to hurt or harm anyone - the ONLY reason I even created this business (in 2004) was to help others save money and protect the investment they've made into their swimming pool.

4. I recognize my name and reputation are my 2 biggest assets...I have no interest in destroying or compromising either one over a few bucks.

5. I take pride in personally handling my emails and phone calls...not an assistant. Me. All with one keep my reputation "intact".

6. I have a no questions asked refund policy and stand by it. If you're not happy for any reason, please let me know and I'll promptly and courteously refund you every nickle.

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